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About us

Sterling Appliance (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer specialized in manufacturing floor care products. Most of the products are supplied to some well reputed companies in the world.

STERLING is equipped mainly with plastic injection machines, punches and assemblies. Some of the products are processed at OEM basis with supplied designs or samples. With growth of PRM Electrical, we are seeking for more developing space by expanding products categories, enriching designs and extending market worldwide to strengthen its position as a solid supplier and cooperator for more finished product manufacturers and distributors in the world.

STERLING focus on every respect of production. With scientific management system and well trained work-teamSTERLINGensures to serve customers carefully and efficiently. Specialization is an attitude, while pursuit of pefection is eternal. STERLING spares no efforts for every detail in order to achieve collaboration with customers all over the world.

Our motto: Strive continuously to be better!


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