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Vacuum Cleaner for Concrete Industry

Dust Extractor

  • Product description: Dust Extractor Concrete dust powder dust

HEPAPro TB300 is a powerful dust extractor designed to handle dust collection on concrete surface prep jobs as well as construction, restoration and abatement jobs. HEPAPro TB300 equips with 2 10Quarts (11L) vacs that deliver 120 CFM (203M3/H), which is enough power to handle any small to mid-sized floor grinders well as shot blasters and handheld grinding tools.

A dusty work environment may cause discomfort, In many cases, inhaling concrete dust can lead to respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and lung inflammation, and concrete dust may cause eye and skin irritation and inflammation. Those concrete dust environments containing silica dust are more susceptible to silicosis, and run a higher risk of developing cancer.

HEPAPrO TB300 is equipped with a three-stage filtration system that captures the smallest, most hazardous respirable dust particles, ensuring a safer, cleaner work area and protecting workers from hazardous dust. Unlike other dust extractor that utilize bypass or turbine motors, the HEPAPrO TB300 uses a flow-through motor to provide higher suction and airflow.

Dust is drawn in through a side mounted inlet and into a cyclonic vortex that separates the heavy particles from the lighter

ones. Heavy dust particles(97%) drop to the bottom of the barrel, while the lighter particles (about 3%) are drawn through two inlets of vacs and collected into dust bags. The two vacs equip with tested and certified HEPA filters rated at 99.99% efficiency at 0.3 microns. 0.3 microns is even smaller than the size of the virus. Take covid-19 for example, size of the Corona Virus is 0.06-0.14 microns. Therefore, HEPAPrO TB300 can also capture most of virus, bacteria and other particles.

HEPAPro TB300 adopts a modular design, including one pre-separator, 2 units of backpack vacuum cleaners that equipped with HEPA filter, and one detachable frame. This design is easy for handling and transportation, and at the same time, it’s more convenient for disassembling, cleaning, and maintenance.

Two vacs are detachable and easily removed from the frame and convenient for maintenance or using individually for picking up dust in narrow or difficult to reach areas. And can also be assembled a harness and be used as backpack vacs. The motors of vacs have built-in temperature controller that prevents overheating, and the vacs also have their valve separately also to protect the motors when blocking. HEPAPro TB300 also works with only one vac by pulling out the hose and plugging one the inlets with a plug.Unlike other dust collectors, which use cloth, felt, or wrinkled pre filters, which not only expensive and need to be replaced regularly, but block easily as use time goes on and the suction efficiency decreases linearly. HEPAPro TB300 uses the cyclonic vortex, which is easy to clean with water, maintenance, and can be used permanently. There is no need any intervention, like manual shaking, air pulsation, or electronic oscillation, to restore filtration efficiency and maintain maximum and constant efficiency.

Due to the pre-separator collects most of dust, it effectively prevents dust from entering the HEPA filter of the vacuum cleaners, which extend the life time of HEPA filter and save the cost due to replacement of expensive HEPA filters regularly.

The pack bag system prevents dust from being exposed into the air and makes concrete dust disposal easy and convenient. The 70 feet long continuous dropdown bag makes up to 25 to thirty bags which can be disposed of in a normal construction site dumpster.

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